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I Can't Be Your Prince

Though your secrets are safe, 
I am the mirror who can’t let go.


How did I ever forget the awesome that is Envy On The Coast? Love this album. Love this day, Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks. Give thanks for the things we have, the things we've experienced, the people who were there for either one. I've got plenty to be thankful for. Plenty of things, plenty of experiences and plenty of people.


The things I have. I have family. I wouldn't trade any one of them for the world. My parents have done wonders in raising me. I know I wasn't easy being raised to a respectable human being. I've had plenty of trip ups. I've fucked up and they've tried to show me the right way. I only hope I can instill that in my kids. My kids are my world. I look at them and I can only hope I'm giving them what they need to be better than me. My siblings, you couldn't ask for a better group of 9 people, supporting you in ways they might not ever know. I could list what those all are, but it'd take quite awhile. Another thing I have, and more family, is Morgen. I never gave her enough credit before. She does so much and I've overlooked that and I was wrong to. There are more things, but I'm moving on.


Experiences. I wouldn't go as far to say that I've done it all. But I have done many things. Some more than most. I know for a fact I have seen and done things that you'd have never guessed with me or anyone. This category is a tough one to elaborate on. But mostly, everything I've done has turned me into the person I am.


People? Jesus there isn't time to type all that. There are so many. That's kinda where this post started. And now I can't elaborate any further. Although I'm no stranger to self incrimination, right now I can't. But good god do I have so much for this one.


uh I'll elaborate later. I have to go to bed.