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I've really got to spruce this up. That's not just the "hey Corey, post on your LJ more. That's all your posts are anymore anyway." Which, yes, it's sort of one of those. But the whole feel of my LJ is just kinda...ugh? The links/layout or theme and such, I'm just not feeling those anymore.

(Also I've recently decided that this is worth saving, somehow. I had a uJournal way back when, and all those memories are gone. It made way for this, and now I question how much longer this will be around. Honestly, have you SEEN Tumblr? Shit is crazy on over there. But I still love the tried and true Livejournal bit.)

When today started, I intended on spending my free time at work writing this very entry. Now that I'm almost off of work, I'm finally getting to it. I have the same problem I always do when I go to update this. I have things that I WANT to say, and I have things I SHOULDN'T say. Sometimes those things are one in the same. Of course. Honestly there isn't a whole lot to even add or write down for future reference. I guess there are a few bullet points I could make.

I'm not gonna do the +/- thing. Whether it's a positive or negative thing is very subjective.
~65 days until the lease is up and officially leaving for Home. AZ.
~I'm anxious to start applying for jobs there. I wanna get the ball rolling.
~The smoking has gotten out of fuckin hand. Even for me. Gotta cut that shit down.
~I've met some awesome new people here. Nothing that would sway me to stay, but will be missed.
~One of which is an Ashley, who made me a kickass TARDIS birthday cake.
~My birthday was spent in San Antonio. Where I saw family and that bit rocked.
~I'm writing this AT work. And now have to leave. Ass customer.

There was going to be more. I'm surprised I even got out this much. For another day I suppose.