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Let's Desert This Day of Hurt, Tomorrow We'll Be Free

Turn Around, I Know We're Lost But Soon We'll Be Found

the unchoreographed corey
18 March 1987
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the pictures are big, i didnt wanna resize. meh.

My life is an open book. Very few entries are friend locked. I hide next to nothing, so if you ask, I'll tell you everything.
I'm 22 years old in Glendale, Arizona. I love it here.
+This is my son Riley.
+Riley is the single best thing that happened in all of 2007. And my life.
-I'm a semi-sorta-kinda recovering alcoholic. I still drink, but I've got it in check now.
+I love my family, and a select few of my close friends. Fluff doesn't fly anymore.
+I'm a human being with thoughts and feelings and opinions.
-Not just your drinking buddy.
+I have ADHD, have since I was a kid, and need to constantly be entertained.
-Don't worry or get offended, I can usually find something and keep up in a conversation.
-I have a relatively messed up self image. Again, goes back to when I was a kid.
+I can make friends easily, I'm sure theres something we agree on. We'll build from there.
-It's keeping them thats the hard part.
+I'm the fifth out of ten kids.
+And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my family.
+I post pictures every now and again. If they're new, I'll tell ya. If they're old, you'll know.
+This ones pretty new. Family vacay.
+I'm a bisexual. Some stuff on here might refer to ex-boyfriends. If my lifestyle offends you, then I'd like you to tell me why. I'm always interested to hear a load of bullshit about the way I choose to live my life.
+There's a ton more 'About Me' bullshit on my Myspace page. The link is titled The Space Is Mine
..There you can see the bands, movies, books, and activities that I'm into.